We are a research company from the Republic of Belarus,
specializing in Robotics, Computer Software and Hardware

EARC Research Thematics

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Artificial Intelligence

The main technology of the century that will define the future technological and economical landscape of the planet.

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Next-Gen Computing

Fast and efficient hardware that is needed to provide computing power required by artificial intelligence platforms.

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Research laboratory in a format of town that is implementing the "robotery society" concept.

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Robotics Platforms & Components

Basic software, hardware and mechanotronic components for different classes of robots.

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System Software and Programming Languages

Next-Generation software platform that simplify and accelerate software development process.

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Manufacturing Technologies of the Future

3D printing, robotized assembly and robotized engineering.

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Smart Battle Robotic Platforms

A smart mesh of battle robots is the main weaponry system for XXIst century and beyond.

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Independent IT ecosystem

Posessing a full cycle set of fundamental technologies is essential for winning the global technological race.

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Next-Gen Materials

Materials for different industries from construction to electronics, adapted for robotics manufacturing approaches.

EARC is developing a holistic ecosystem of research projects that are targeting
global leadership in key domains of technological development by 2025

Latest News

The Cloud on Elbrus

The Cloud on Elbrus

By the end of 2017 EARC is planning to introduce regular cloud platform service (PaaS) with a number of own SaaS products deployed upon it. The infrastructure is intended to be built using Russian-manufatured server systems based on original Elbrus CPUs with VLIW/EPIC architecture.
SH1 Security Infrastructure solution created

SH1 Security Infrastructure solution created

EARC has implemented an innovative information security platform that provides instruments for creating communication channels of guaranteed security level without using such expensive technologies as quantum communication.

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Practical value of this research is connected with the need of development of a unified and robust ontology that will be capable to fix facts that is common within different knowledge domains, within the OSTIS (Open Semantics Technology for Intellectual Systems) project.


Open hours

Provided data is relevant by Moscow time zone (UTC+3, EST+7).

  • Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 18:00
    (lunch break from 13:00 to 14:00)
  • Sat, Sun: Closed

Technical support for existing customers is provided by 24/7 timetable

What do we design and manufacture for our customers ?

  • Universal microprocessors and ASICs
  • FPGA-based solutions
  • PCB and electonic devices, including robotics
  • Information security platforms
  • Embedded software
  • HPC applications
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Mobile software (both system software & applications)
Starting from
20$ / hr.