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unique capabilities & wide functionality range

Dialogue communication.Chatbot-style interaction.

Technically the system represents a chatbot that is connectible to different instant messaging platforms. Communication is performed with ordinary spoken language. When needed, the system replies with links or interactive menus.

Scientific level of expertise.Hundreds of knowledge areas.

The system provides efficient problem solving in the domain of social sciences. Builtin intelligent scientific engine provides instant solutions for tasks that require several hundred man-hours of professional researchers.

Cloud technology.Simplicity & efficiency.

You don't need to have your own supercomputer for using Dozor. The system provides cloud-based access with full funtionality. Dozor is provided within a flexible fee policy for different categories of customers.

Knowledge base volume
Web pages scanned
Hours of learning

Coverage of English Internet segment

public pages
social networks
blogging platforms

The system continously performs self-learning and internet resource scanning


Dozor capabilities


Perform fast and presize semantic search by intent, including complex queries expressed in free form.


Perform multioperational analysis of information and build reports with impressing data visualizations.


The system is interacting as a chatbot, receiving tasks expressed in spoken language. You will quickly get a solution or additional questions from the system.

Social media monitoring

Do search not only through web pages but also in social networks. The system is able to communicate with other social network users as a bot.

Task assignment

Perform monitoring upon an assigned topic, personality or company. Receive notifications and alarms when needed.

Image&video analysis

Perform semantic search through videos and images as well as texts. The system is able to build a video as a quick on-the-fly response to queries.


available service packages


  • Full functionality
  • 1 user
  • 4 hrs of compute time
  • Support on request


best offer
  • Search and monitor digital content
  • 2 users
  • 200 hrs of compute time
  • 8 hours of support


  • Automatic problem solving
  • 5 users
  • 200 hrs of compute time
  • 8 hours of support


  • Full functionality
  • up to 100 users
  • dedicated servers
  • 20 hours of support


What do customers and experts say

We must check if there is not a man typing all this replies on the other end of the wire!

potential customer representative, Republic of Belarus

This is undoubtfully a revolutionary technology, and search engine is only its first, very timid application.

Dr. Boris Malinovsky one of the founders of Soviet computer industry

Considerably cooler than Siri! It cannot make an appointment but it provides detailed howto instructions for making an appointment using Siri. This is incredible!

Peter Vashulenko microelectronics startup co-founder, Texas, US

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