Keystone points of the Company's success

Research on creating a technology demonstrator robot started

Successfully tested the next-generation embedded operating system core

Quantum attack resistant blockchain platform tested successfully

EARC-Monitor and SH1 products released

The created products are used for GLONASS/GPS-based fleet management and providing advanced cybersecurity services based on one-time pad technology

"In the domain of humanities research that are methodologically connected with natural and technical sciences, the award is honored to Vitaly Demirov, senior researcher at the Institute of Philosophy. The award is provided for the research cycle on "Modelling cognitive process structure using semantic technologies and temporological concepts."


Aurora platform prototype tested

Research work on creating the Aurora platform prototype finished.

Official registration of the Company

Bragin district executive committee officially registered the Euarasian Robotics LLC legal entity.

The Vitruvian Robot

Vitruvian Robot birthdate

Vitaly Demirov, director of EARC, proposed the concept of the Vituvian Robot.


The decision was made to place the Company in Komarin

"The tiny town, Komarin, strikes with its silence and beauty. It is the best place I have ever seen. This is the right place to work on the breakthrough into the future."

Dmitry Manuilsky, EARC co-founder

The decision to establish EARC was made

Co-founders of EARC reviewed the first draft of the company's strategy and made a principal decision of founding the Company