SH1 Security Infrastructure solution created

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EARC has implemented an innovative information security platform that provides instruments for creating communication channels of guaranteed security level without using such expensive technologies as quantum communication.

This innovative product is based on an algorithm that was created 100 years ago, in 1917. One-time pad is the only technology which has been mathematically proven to be absolutely reliable, however even quantum communication channels are potentially vulnerable. For example, we can mention some new inventions in quantum physics like this one that give instruments for quantum signal interception.

Innovative rethought one-time pad infrastructure provides capabilities for guaranteed cryptographic protection with usage of existing technical instruments. Key attention was provided to key generation quality (implemented solutions for generating truly random numbers in amounts up to 100 TBytes on conventional computer hardware), key transfer issues, data exchange protocols that use one-time pads and information interception on other levels. For example, such expensive technology like quantum line can transfer a one-time pad, but the decrypted data can be stolen after being transferred to hardware whose microcode / firmware is containing spyware modules.

A holistic, infrastructural approach allowed to make SH1 a product with theoretically and practically proven 100% reliability, altogether cheap and capable for deployment not only for large customers but also small and medium businesses and even private customers.

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