Active Research Projects

Provided list is not full; for reference visit original Russian version.

EARC Research Thematics

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Artificial Intelligence

The main technology of the century that will define the future technological and economical landscape of the planet.

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Next-Gen Computing

Fast and efficient hardware that is needed to provide computing power required by artificial intelligence platforms.

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Research laboratory in a format of town that is implementing the "robotery society" concept.

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Robotics Platforms & Components

Basic software, hardware and mechanotronic components for different classes of robots.

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System Software and Programming Languages

Next-Generation software platform that simplify and accelerate software development process.

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Manufacturing Technologies of the Future

3D printing, robotized assembly and robotized engineering.

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Smart Battle Robotic Platforms

A smart mesh of battle robots is the main weaponry system for XXIst century and beyond.

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Independent IT ecosystem

Posessing a full cycle set of fundamental technologies is essential for winning the global technological race.

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Next-Gen Materials

Materials for different industries from construction to electronics, adapted for robotics manufacturing approaches.